Metallic Taste In Coffee – 6 Reasons Why And How To Fix It

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The morning is sacred; no morning ritual is complete without the perfect cup of coffee. You prepare your French press or espresso machine and take delight that you are about to consume your favorite life-giving liquid; however, something is wrong. Your coffee tastes like metal, and your ritual has been disrupted.

Coffee enthusiasts from all over experience this unsettling metallic tang in their mouths, and finding a solution may be easier than you think. Once you have identified which one of the six common causes is responsible for the metallic taste in coffee, you can make the necessary changes and return to enjoying your morning routine again.

Possible Causes

There are many reasons why there may be a metallic taste in coffee, ranging from the quality of your coffee beans to medicinal side effects. These are the six most common causes:

  1. Low-Quality or Poorly Roasted Beans
  2. Hard Water
  3. Over-Extraction
  4. Dirty Coffee Machine
  5. Your Coffee Machine is Leaching Metal
  6. Your Diet

Low-Quality or Poorly Roasted Beans

All coffee beans are not created equal, and sometimes a metallic taste in coffee is what it takes for you to come to this realization. A lot can go wrong in the roasting process; you must maintain the right temperature and make sure you are constantly agitating the beans. Since the difference between a dark roast and a light roast is a few minutes, over-roasting your coffee beans can be extremely easy, which may be why you are experiencing that strange metallic taste.

Cheap or stale coffee beans may also be the culprit. If you know you are purchasing the highest quality beans, perhaps the particular bag you ended up with sat on the grocery store or warehouse shelf for a little too long.

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