Can You Use Instant Coffee in a Keurig?

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As the world is becoming increasingly busy, people on the go want to whip up something quick and tasty before they rush off to work, school, or wherever they’re headed to. Enter the Keurig coffee maker. This amazing machine was designed with one thing in mind: convenience. 

A Keurig is simple to use, easy to clean, and doesn’t require much when it comes to extra accessories. Keurigs are so popular nowadays that many people are getting their caffeine fix throughout the day with this simple machine instead of going through a more tedious task and potentially making a mess or doing any elaborate preparations.

Instant Coffee

In the name of simplicity, coffee drinkers have been given another convenient way to make coffee quickly: instant coffee. These products – often found in packet form – are grounds that actually dissolve into hot water like a more complicated flavor packet as opposed to something steeped or brewed to pull flavor from somewhere else. It takes time for water to pull flavor, so adding something to the water instead and only being limited by the time it takes to dissolve makes this coffee “instant” in comparison. 

But for anyone concerned, intent coffee is still made from coffee beans. After being roasted, the beans are processed down into a concentrate and then ground up further into the powder you find them in.  

Instant Coffee In The Keurig?

Knowing what we know now, it should be clear that you cannot put instant coffee in a Keurig. Keurig packs (even the reusable ones) put hot water through the packets to brew them before the drink makes it to your cup. If you were to use instant coffee, the coffee would try to melt into the hot water, but the added pressure a Keurig uses would force the tiny grains of instant coffee through the machine and potentially damage it. 

A Keurig is designed to brew coffee in moments, yes. But the machine is designed specifically to brew coffee quickly, not to add hot water to a granulated powder. While both products aim to serve people a near-instant cup of coffee, the differences in how they get to the end result make them incompatible in working together. 

For a Keurig, stick to regular (coarser) grounds, and for instant coffee, make sure you’ve got some hot water ready. Either way, a hot cup of coffee will be ready for you nearly instantly.

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